About UnButton Fashion

UnButton Fashion was first launched at the beginning of 2021 as Germany’s first digital clothes swapping platform for environmental protection.

After many compelling conversations with industry leaders, environmentalists, heads of fashion brands, (non)-governmental organisations and technology experts, we have decided to bring our awarded concept to the next level to collectively create a circular fashion solution on the highest and most impactful level.

Hi, I’m Lucia, the founder of UnButton Fashion

Fabric Waste Taylor – Garment Industry Explorer – Fashion Changer

Changing the world through sustainable fashion drives me!

When I was sewing dolls clothes from used fabric in elementary school, I wasn’t aware of that yet, but when I was invited as a delegate to the United Nations in New York, it became clear to me what motivates me and what I can change when I put my mind to it.

However, after many years as a sustainability expert in the fashion industry, I became increasingly aware that simply selling more sustainable, fair fashion is not enough.

We need a solution to circulate the garments that are currently in our closets to significantly reduce environmentally-harmful clothes production.

According to Greenpeace, there are currently more than 2 billion fashion items unused in people’s closets in good and very good conditions in Germany.

Building on these resources and the awarded UnButton Fashion concept, we can revolutionise the fashion industry together.

My solution is UnButton Fashion, which brings together sustainability experts, fashion brands and consicous consumers to collectively create a fashion industry that makes its contribution to mitigating climate change by significantly reducing emissions and creating a loving alternative.

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