Imaginal World Record

Imaginal World Record is launched at UN-Environment Conference in Stockholm

On June 2-3, Stockholm celebrates the 50th anniversary of the first UN Conference on Human Environment in 1972. However, after 50 years of global environment work and halfway through the timeframe for the sustainable development goals (SDGs), our planet is in the most severe crisis of all times.

Therefore, Initiative 2022 Foundation accompanies the UN conference with a diverse programme initiating concrete commitment and action.

As part of that, the Imaginal World Record provides a new type of inclusive and hands-on engagement for change-makers of all ages and backgrounds beyond borders to solve the most pressing environmental challenges. As a collaboration between UnButton Fashion and Sustory, the first record focuses on the most effective clothes swap for climate action

This record includes a local swapping party at Stockholm University on June 1st, followed by events in partnerships with a climate-neutral business, a high-school with an environment focus, and an innovation centre over the days of the conference. Additionally, the social media challenge involves change-makers from all over the world to be part of this initiative by providing options to swap clothes locally.

With the announcement of the total amount of Co2 mitigated and people engaged globally at the end of the conference on June 3rd, fashion companies are challenged to break the record as part of their 2030 sustainability agenda.

The Imaginal World Record will extend to further industries afterwards; conversations for collaboration are already in process.

The name Imaginal World Records was inspired originally by the initiative of Kim Polman’s book, Imaginal Cells. The Imaginal Cells are essential in the process of the caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. This requires the Imaginal Cells to find one another, and work together. Imaginal Cells book brought together a collection of visions of transformations and how to bring a compassionate approach at the heart of all activities. The story of bringing imaginal cells together for evolution is well aligned with the purpose of the Imaginal World Record.

green leaf trees

The Imaginal World Records have more supporters and inspirers. Connie Hasemann, founder of All Ears Social Enterprise and Oslo Business for Peace award winner supports this initiative. Oslo Business for Peace Foundation and My Green Pod see this initiative as an inspirational way to have a positive impact. And we are welcoming contributors for working on the Imaginal World Records future development.

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